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Welcome to join Zyxel Nebula Forum!
This is a space that you can discuss, share and ask anything about Nebula. We hope everyone has great time, and always comes back for digging more information here. To provide a happy and friendly discussion space, please follow rules to play in Zyxel Nebula Forum, thank you. =)
Community members are welcome to report improper contents to moderators. The reported members will be suspended to post comments by level. The post with improper contents will be removed by moderators, and the member will receive warning message from moderators. If the member keeps against the forum rule, moderators have the right to terminate the account. Please follow Nebula forum rules and enjoy to share your ideas, comments here.

Be nice and respectful to all
Do not post content that is offensive, abusive, obscene, hateful, political, religious, threatening, or discloses personal information about others (images, location, address, phone number). Do not post or send private messages filled with hateful, bigoted, or offensive comments/materials to all members and moderators.

Do not post legal threats against Zyxel, other companies, or community members.

Do not advertise promotional materials or any other form of solicitation in posts or signatures. Promotion of 3rd party products will not be tolerated.

Destructive Material
Do no post or link to files that could compromise or contaminate other community members networks.

Links & Spams
Do not post links to sensitive materials, spams or sites that engage in illegal activities such as file sharing or anything that could invade intellectual properties.

General Posting/Behavior
1) Do not bump threads.
2) Do not derail topics.
3) Do not create sock accounts.
4) Do not post/share PM's or emails between yourself and others, including conversations with Zyxel Agents, that compromises any of the participants.
5) Do not become an armchair moderator (general user acting as if they are a moderator).
6) Do not PM moderators or other users repeatedly begging for help.
7) Do not sell or attempt to sell anything on the forums.
8) Trolling, personal attacks, political, religious, and controversial content will not be tolerated.
9) Do not openly argue with moderators or other members of the community.
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