Issue with VPN connections

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I have a Zyxel VPN50 with several IPSec VPNs with following appliances on the other side:

  • ZyWALL USG 20(W)
  • USG FLEX 50 (USG20-VPN)
  • PaloAlto (I don't know exactly which version)

All these VPNs were working fine since monthes, but suddenly 2 weeks ago we started having VPN connections dropping; then we also started facing situations where the VPN connection is up but the traffic doesn't go through it.

I have installed the latest firmware (5.36(ABHL.2)) on the central one and on the USG FLEX 50 (5.36(ABAQ.2)) but I cannot do any upgrade on the ZyWALL neither on the PaloAlto and the VPN connections with these models doesn't work (it is up but traffic doesn't pass).

What can I do to recover the situation?


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