How to collect the Nebula AP diagnostic info by GUI?

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The AP Web GUI provides a convenient function for users to collect information and logs with just one button. Follow the steps below:

1.Check your Nebula AP LAN IP

Go to the Nebula page.
Click on "Devices" and select "Access Point."
Look for the information regarding the Nebula AP LAN IP.

2. Access the Nebula AP Web GUI

Connect a device to the same subnet as the Nebula AP.
Open a web browser and enter the following URL: https:// (replace with the Nebula AP LAN IP obtained in the previous step).

Accout: admin

Password : nebula site password(( you can find it at Nebula page > Configure > Site setting

3. Collect the diagnostic information

Within the Nebula AP Web GUI, navigate to "Maintenance" and select "Diagnostics."
Choose the "Diagnostic" option and click on "Collect Now." to initiate the information collection process.

Please note that collecting logs may take some time as there could be a substantial amount of data to gather.