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Good afternoon, I have a problem with the WAP6807, I bought a batch of these devices with version 1.00(ABTB.1)b12 where I could make a configuration file (backup) to apply it to other devices obviously with the same version, now I'm having A problem because I received a new batch with version 1.00(ABTB.2)b20_C0 to which I made a backup file with a peer device, but this configuration file is not replicated to other WAPs, only to itself.

even with a factory backup file, it doesn't replicate from one WAP to another, so I read in the patches a higher version encrypted the configuration file, I don't know if I'll have to see that.

I really want to apply these changes to other WAPs to be able to monitor them better.

these changes only change the HTTP port which by default is 80 to a port like 45600

If anyone knows where I can get version 100.(ABTB1)b12?

It is an image where it shows the changes of this version

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    I recommend that you can contact your ISP or retail store for the help.

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    @online games

    Check if there are any community forums or user groups related to the WAP6807 device.

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