update firmware on locked XMG3927-B50A to `KCOM`

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just got a XMG3927-B50A of ebay but its locked down to KCOMI have the same router/modem and want to update it so its the same as mine 100% it will let me do the config settings but wlll not let me do a firmaware upgrade to same as mine v5.17. In the menu for Maintenance there is no Firmware upgrade option but on mine there is so cannot see how I can???

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    Hello @bigkenny

    I don't work for Zyxel,

    but https://forum.kitz.co.uk/index.php/topic,26661.0.html shows other people on the same journey as you to remove KCOM firmware version from an XMG3927-B50A.

    Kind regards,


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    yes I`ve been looking at something similar it looks like a mine field just to reflash as if can do it (as in that forum) then if do manage to reflash (which looks hard) it then changes the password that is built into the old KCOM firmware. So the password which is written on the back of the router is invalid……………going by that forum.

    it ends with this:-

    Failing that if it still is soft bricked, you can pop the cover off and
    use the motherboard headers to reflash to ABMT.5, get everything working
    the  way you want and then update to the newest version if you need to.

    ke th

    so a nightmare————-

    If they had not blocked SSH I could do it via Putty but they have……………..

    Many thanks, but I might have to give up on it (shame as it brand new and in good nick, what a waste!

    I`m trying to get my money back…………..

    In the mean time I`ve bought another a bit more money but still baragin price. This one has the Firmware same as mine v5.17 and has been unlocked (God knows how he did it)

    But many thanks for your help. With all this recycle-ewaste etc etc. Its amazing ISPs can lock them down like this it just add`s to more waste when they can be put to good use.

    thanks again

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