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in my house I have many Zyxel APs (some NWA1123ACV2, some NWA1123ACV3 and an NWA50AX), I have an issue with the NWA50AX, particularly with a Samsung smart TV that is blocked by the AP about one time a day. The TV stops connecting to the AP and I have to turn the AP radio OFF then ON.

The AP is configured with 3 SSID on both 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies, the firmware is the latest V6.29(ABYW.1).

This is the repeated message I see in the log:

Station: a0:d7:f3:42:6d:36 blocked by Legacy STA Rejection on Channel: 40, SSID: Famiglia, 2.4GHz, Signal: -70dBm, Download/Upload: 0/0 Bytes, reason 27, Interface: wlan-2-2

It's weird that I see Channel 40 on the 2,4Ghz band! I think that it could be an issue of TV but it is updated to the latest firmware too… but I cannot understand what it happens because all reasons I find are all "reserved" in the reasons code list.

Please help, thank you!


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    Hello Alessandro,

    The log indicates that the station is blocked by Legacy STA Rejection. This could be due to the 'Allow 802.11n/ac/ax stations only' function being enabled for the SSID Famiglia.

    You can check this by navigating to Configuration > Object > AP Profile > Radio on device's Web GUI. Choose the Radio profiles that are applied to your SSID, then click on Show Advanced Settings. Ensure that ‘Allow 802.11n/ac/ax stations only’ is disabled.

    Furthermore, we suggest configuring a new SSID for IoT devices by following these steps:

    1. Configure a new SSID (Example: Zyxel_24G) with WPA2 personal security.
    2. Disable 802.11k/v Assisted Roaming
    3. Enable this SSID on Radio 2.4GHz only

    If you continue to encounter the issue, please let us know.

    Click this link to start: https://bit.ly/3R2Wx52


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  • alextouch
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    Hi Nami,

    First of all, thank you for your answer.

    SSID Famiglia was already made for IoT devices and just configured as you said (v/k roaming disabled and 802.11 n/ax only disabled).

    The only thing I just changed now in my configuration is to remove this SSID from 5Ghz radio.

    I'll see what it will happen and then let you know about.

    Have a good day


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    After three days since I pulled away the SSID from the 5Ghz radio and did reset the network options on TV, it seems to work good.

    I noticed that TV had memorized the network as a 5Ghz network and I guess that that's the reason why it tried to connect to the channel 40 on the 2.4Ghz network… maybe a bug of Samsung's software?

    Anyways, thank you for your support!

    Have a good day