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My USG20-VPN no longer lets me log in at all. I've had the same password for 3 years now without issue.

The screen i go to for login has changed since last time…it now says Flex 50 instead of the old screen that said USG20-vpn. i've put several of these into service at various locations and they all still have the old screen to login and i can still login to them just fine….but this particular USG20-vpn has clearly been updated to a flex model…and my password no longer works.

please advise…i'd hate to have to blow it up to get back into it.


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    Reset it load a backup config to it then change password

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    The answer was to reset it, but there were no backup profiles. Just the new update that changed it's entire gui from the old USG20-vpn to the new flex 50 gui.

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    p.s. i tried to ssh into it, and it still rejected my password

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    USG20-VPN is renamed to USG FLEX 50 since version v5.20.
    Did you fail to log in after upgrading the firmware? it could be your old password includes some special characters.

    BTW, I also suggest you backup the configuration regularly

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