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Hi, I've bought a Zyxel NR5103E which is cellular-branded (though not bought from a mobile company), which restricts certain options like Cell locking, and I've seen it being available as a feature on different cellular-branded NR5103E's. I've been trying to look for the unbranded firmware to restore the router to, but I've not been able find it.

Even aside that, Zyxel has posted very limited information/support regarding the product.

Hope someone could help me out with my query?

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    if its like the XMG3927-B50A I bought locked by KCOM its nigh on impossibe, I`ve tried doing it via Putty etc but SSH not open all closed down (by firmware)

    Good luck

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    I'm not sure, but surely if it's carrier-locked then a vanilla firmware should exist for the router, no? Mine's been locked down by H3G, though 3 SWE's firmware supposedly allows Cell locking.

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