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A new site working well, just added 2 new AP (NWA90ax + WAC500H) and the new one are online, but dont broadcast any SSID. If i create a new one , example TEST, only the old one broadcast the new SSID but not with TEST but with generic SSID3….if i put the wpa3 password tha i created for TEST, it connect ! any idea? NWA90Ax and WAC500H doesnt broadcast any ssid. I' tried to remove and the add again, but with no result

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    Hi @Luca_Lo_Nardo ,

    Please verify whether you have assigned any tags to the NWA90Ax and WAC500H access points. If tags have been assigned, these APs will broadcast the SSID with the same tag as the AP's tag.

    Additionally, please check if any unsupported features are being applied to the SSID. This may cause the SSID to not be broadcasted. You can refer to the device function table available at this link for more information.

    If the issue persists after performing the above checks, please enable Zyxel support by following these steps: Go to Help (located in the top right corner) > Support Request > Zyxel Support Access. Click on "Enable" and save the settings for our review. You can send your organization/site name via a private message.

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