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Ok, have a USG20 on a job for several years and want to switch to nebula control. I saved the running config, reset the router but port 4 is no longer working, think it got cooked in a lightning strike last year so I plugged laptop into port 3 and click the email link but it just hangs, no page is ever presented on the laptop. Is this really only possible on port 4 after a factory reset and if that is the case should the USB method still be a viable option instead? Would have tried but I couldn't find one in my bag, so should I find one cuz this should work and my only option if port 4 is toast? TIA

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    Hi @vining,

    I just use USG20W-VPN(USG FLEX 50W) to run ZTP and it works when the laptop is connected to P3. Click the link in the email and it shows "ZTP process succeeded" on the screen. Here are the console logs for your reference. Ensure you reset the device to default by pressing the "RESET" button on the front panel of the device before running ZTP.

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