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Hi Guys has anyone got the my radius server auth working using 802.1x Im testing NWA90AX AP's Nebula coud i have an on prem radius server on a BOVPN from the AP's i can see the traffic coming into the HQ from the BOVPN (AP's) signing into the ssid port number 1645 but then get an auth failed any ideas would help

User andyg (MAC: 46:21:46:65:54:6c) 802.1X auth failed on interface wlan-2-2.(Server: 193.117.*.*.*) [count=3]

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    Hi @Andyg1096 ,

    Based on our review of the event log, we've noticed a number of RADIUS server timeout events. It appears that there may be issues related to the traffic flow between your Access Point (AP) and the RADIUS server at the IP address (193.117.***.***) port 18**. We recommend verifying that the traffic is indeed successfully transmitted from your AP to your RADIUS server.

    Besides, you also can try to fine-tune the wireless environment to improve connection by adjusting your 5GHz channel width to 20/40MHz (Configure > Access points > Radio settings). That helps to reduce the co-channel interference.

    Additionally, please ensure that your AP is listed in the trusted clients on your RADIUS server. The port number and secret key should correspond exactly to the information you have entered in the 'Configure > Access points > SSID advanced settings'. This step is important in preventing potential blocks to 802.1x authentication traffic originating from the AP.

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