Zyxel olt 1308s-22

Hey my friend is giving me zyxel olt running and i am configured olt then i reboot olt then olt is not booting then I am ping the ip show me not reachable ip again i connect with console cable then i am start olt and showing debug mode enter every command showing me error please help me for zyxel olt 1308s-22 firmware

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    This is an old model and I believe it is phase out for many years.

    Maybe you could check with your friend who give it to you and ask him how he set this OLT before?

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    I am askin my friend his said bought from unknown person and hi used 1yr then he gives me and I run the olt open web configuration then i leave for 2 min the olt ping is request time'out after this ping I am again restart the olt but that time to right now hi not able to connect my pc

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