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Hello everyone,

I have an NR5101 which I am learning to discover.

Here I am already with a problem which is the use of Zyxel Air the phone application which is quite practical, well almost for me.
I can't access the router because it tells me that the login and password are wrong. Knowing that by my PC there is no problem. I thought there was another password so I tested with the original one from the router and looked in the menu on my PC but didn't see anything. Did I miss it? or a bug?

And I also take this opportunity to ask how it is that the speed test does not work and puts only "failed" permanently. A setting? a particular configuration?

Simple questions certainly but I find it unfortunate that I do not have these 2 functions.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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    Are you typing admin with a small letter A?

    It could be your phones autocorrect is changing ’admin’ into ’Admin’ when you try to login, which can cause the failure if you’re certain the password is correct.

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