Dieconneced by STA reason 106

I am trying to find out what is the reason why the two devices of an AP are disconnected,
has disassoc by STA.
Reason 106 what does it mean?
This is the log

has disassoc by STA Leave(L2UPFrame) on Channel: 108, SSID: TPV, 5GHz, Signal: -66dBm, Tx/Rx: 257899/148037 Bytes. reason 106, Interface: wlan-2-6.

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    HI @Contel_Ingenieros ,

    Generally, the log “station has disassoc/ disconnected by STA Leave(L2UPFrame)” signifies that the station is undergoing the roaming process. Refer to the image below for an illustration.

    Roaming is driven by the station itself and is typically triggered when the station reaches its roaming threshold or identifies an Access Point (AP) with a stronger signal. In this process, the station disconnects from the original AP (AP_1) and immediately connects to the new AP (AP_2).

    In the event that a "disassoc/ disconnected by STA Leave(L2UPFrame)" log entry occurs, but the station fails to connect to another AP, this may suggest an issue with AP deployment or potential obstacles interfering with the connection between APs. In such cases, a thorough check of the AP's placement and the environment is recommended.

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