What to do when a station is blocked by 802.1X authentication failed?

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The 802.1X authentication failure could be due to several reasons, including incorrect credentials or an issue with the wireless environment.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot:

Fine-tune the wireless environment: If you find multiple clients having difficulty connecting to APs, you may need to adjust the wireless environment.

Fine-tune Radio settings by:

Select the Deployment selection according to your number of APs.

Adjust your 2.4GHz radio power to 5dBm lower than your 5GHz radio.

Adjust the channel width to 20MHz for each radio to reduce co-channel interference.

Update client driver: If only a specific client has connection problems, ensure they have the latest driver installed.

Reset SSID profile on client: The client should forget or delete the SSID profile, then reconnect again.

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