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Hi All, I would like to propose that devices sat in inventory and not assigned to sites should not consume their licences. There are many reasons why a device maybe not in use but during that time I think it fair the license should not be consuming. Thoughts?

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    I agree with this- I have a few large sites and keep spare Access Points (they are outdoor and get zapped by lightning on occasion) and it would be great to have them preconfigured and ready to go. It isn't a huge issue as the QR code adding does make things super easy, but at any rate, I think your proposal would be a good benefit.

  • Zulgrib
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    Maybe a "pause license" we could use on AP that were offline for more than a Zyxel defined time, where the license would start it's consumption as soon as it is seen by Nebula again?

    It would be very appreciable for spare units.

    Meanwhile, a valid workaround is to explain the situation to your channel representative and get a specific price for the spare units license. If the volume is there, it probably won't be a problem.

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