What could be the causes of the AP status shows an orange icon with IP Issue Detected?

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The presence of an orange icon indicating an "IP issue detected" on your AP suggests a problem related to its IP configuration. There are two common scenarios that could lead to this issue:

  • IP conflict: Your AP has been assigned an IP address, but another device on your network was erroneously configured with the same IP address.


1/ If the current IP type of AP is Static IP, switch the AP’s IP type to DHCP.

2/ Navigate to Monitor > Access points > Event logs. Identify the client/device MAC address that has the same IP with the AP. Change this client/device's IP or set its IP type as DHCP to allow it to obtain a new IP.

  • Inconsistent network settings: You've recently adjusted your network settings or replaced your router, and as a result, the IP settings of the AP no longer match the network configuration. This could indicate that the subnet, or gateway settings on the AP are incorrect. Therefore, it is necessary to review your router, switch, or network settings.

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