PLA6456 keeps dropping internet connection

Been using PLA6456 adapters for about two weeks. They frequently drop internet connection while in use for no reason. I've upgraded firmware, set up a 1-second ping to try to keep connection open, and disabled power saving. Still keeps dropping, already twice today. Unplugging and re-plugging resumes the connection but is very inconvenient to do 2-3 times per day. Perhaps change a setting in my TPlink router? Reserve IP addresses? Any suggestions on what to do next? Thanks.

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    I came across some troubleshooting tips in the forum that may help determine if the issue is related to the device itself. You can try put both the PLA devices on the same power extension and perform a test. If the issue still occurs even when both devices are connected to the same power extension, it is likely a problem with the device. However, if the issue does not persist and the connection remains stable, it suggests that there might be environmental factors causing intermittent disconnections.

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