New to Nebula, Locked out need Help


I am trying Nebula because I get hacked a lot. I am an online professor, single user.

I accidentally locked myself out by limiting access to my computer IP and a 15 minute timeout, only it is on a rolling Proton VPN. The IP changed, and I cannot get in on the new IP. Will resetting my USGFlex100 remove those settings. I have an NW50AP and a GS1005HP (not added yet)

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  • Dr_Admin717

    I cannot access my devices when I tried setting up a new Site

  • Zyxel_Kevin
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    Hi @Dr_Admin717 ,

    Greeting forum, All settings will be managerd by Nebula portal.

    If you want to log in local GUI, please find passowrd in "Site-wide" → "Configure" → "Site Settings" →"Device configuration"

    Please kindly enable Zyxel Support Access if still have issue.

    Thank you

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