A Comprehensive Guide to Tracking Client Application Usage in Your Network

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You are a network administrator for a school or company. You've recently implemented Zyxel Nebula across your network for its features and cloud-based convenience. Now, you need a detailed report on the applications used within your network, including the most frequently used applications, the applications visited by clients, and the specific applications used by each client. This FAQ provides easy-to-understand guide to check Application view by Security Appliance.

To use this feature, your site needs to have ATP/USG FLEX and a GSP license. This will allow you to check the applications visited by both wired and wireless clients. Here's how:

Navigate to Applications usage > Application view by Security Appliance.

You'll see a list of all applications with their usage. Click on the name of an application for more details.

You'll then see a list of clients that have used that application. Click on a client for more details.

You can see the applications that the client has browsed or used. Click to View more to see the detail about usage of each application that client used.

The detailed usage information for each application that the client has used as below.

Application view by Security Appliance feature is a powerful tool designed to enhance your network management capabilities. This feature provides detailed insights into the applications used within your network, allowing you to better understand and control network usage.

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