Nebula Firewall License-Related Inquiry

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This post is targeted towards Zyxel Firewall users who have encountered issues concerning their Nebula Licenses. Primarily focuses on essential points associated with Nebula Firewall licenses.

What do Firewall releated licenses include on Nebula?

1. Nebula Pro Pack License
Nebula Pro Pack has a full feature set with all advanced functionality and management features of Nebula Control Center for device, site and organization.

Detailed comparison between Nebula Organization Base/Pro Pack:

2. Gold Security Pack
A complete feature set for ATP series to perfectly fit SMBs' requirements as well as to enable maximum performance. This pack also includes Nebula Professional Pack.

3. UTM Security Pack
All-in-one UTM security service license add-on(s) to USG FLEX Series Firewall, which includes Web Filtering, IPS, Application Patrol, Anti-Malware, SecuReporter and more.

4. Content Filter Pack
Three-in-one security service license add-on(s) to USG20(W)-VPN and USG FLEX 50, which includes Web Filtering, SecuReporter Premium, and Security Profile Sync.

Nebula License 2.0 Overview:

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