Is there really a limit of 20 Static IPs???

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I'm starting to have serious misgivings about buying these NSG50 gateways instead of USG40s. First I discover you can't apply different Content Filter/App Patrol profiles to different networks.

Now I'm trying to setup a network with a number of existing static IP devices and I get an error saying the limit is 20 items? Seriously??? Is there no way to configure more than that? Why such an arbitrary limit?

And why is the default font/view such you can't see the whole IP and MAC in the form? Its so tedious having to select and shift to make sure the data was entered correctly. If I zoom the page in a lot I manage to get MOST of it visible, but the last octet of the MAC never is.


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    It's annoying but if you can connect your hosts under different VLAN interfaces, then that should allow you to set more static host addresses.

    And I totally agree with the ip/mac field being too small... There is definitely room for improvement.
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    Hi @itxnc and @CrazyTacos

    The entries for DHCP static entries have been expanded. Now it will follow according what the NSG mode supports:





    Hope this helps you ?

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