[Marketplace] Buying/Renew a Software License

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The following is an example of purchasing a Nebula MSP pack license key.

  1. Go to the License Store screen and click on the Software-Licenses tab. The Software-License screen displays as shown.
  2. Select a license you want to purchase and then click Add to Cart. Click Back if you want to go back to the previous screen and choose another license. In this example, a Nebula MSP pack license is selected.
  3. The Shopping Cart screen appears after you click Add to Cart. In this example, a Nebula MSP pack license is added to the cart. Click Confirm Order to proceed to checkout.
    Click Back to License Store to go back to the license store to continue shopping. Click Remove All Items if you want to remove all of the licenses in the cart.
    *Once you add a license to the shopping cart, your shopping cart will show the total number of the licenses in your cart for checkout.
    *An AdBlock reminder will appear after you click Confirm Order. If you have software that blocks pop-up ads, make sure it is disabled when you make a payment.
  4. The Confirm Order screen appears after you click Confirm Order. If you have a coupon code, enter it to receive a discount on the selected license and then click Apply. Click Checkout to continue.
    Click Back to Cart if you want to go back to the previous screen.
  5. The following screen appears after you click Checkout. Enter your email address, credit card type, name, credit card number, the expiration month/year, and CVC number.
  6. Click Enter VAT ID and then the following screen appears. Enter your Value-Added Tax ID if your company has registered for the VAT system. Click Submit to continue.
  7. After entering all necessary information, click Pay to authenticate the transaction. At the time of writing, alternate payment methods, such as Paypal, Amazon Pay, Wire Transfer, and Giropay, iDEAL, Sofort, WebMoney, and Airpay are accepted.
  8. If the transaction is successful, the following screen will appear. Click Continue to close the window.
  9. Go to the License Store > Order History screen and click Order Number to check your license key.
  10. Click the KEY Number icon to see your license key number.
  11. The KEY NUMBER screen appears as shown next. Click Copy if you want to copy your key number and paste it somewhere else. Click OK to close the window.
  12. You will also receive a license key through an email. Follow the Next Step instructions in the email to register your license. Click View Invoice to see the details of the invoice information. In this example, log into your Nebula account to register or click here if you want to see more information about how to register a Nebula license.