Router Overload: Seeking Help with Frequent Data Polling and Micro_HTTPD Errors on O2 HomeBox 6641

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I realize that this is probably a pretty particular question, but I'm trying to locate someone who has dealt with this issue before.

As a result, I use nodejs to poll data from my router's web frontend ( or once every minute. Following is the order:

Visit /index.html and use regex to get the session key (need for login).

To login, go to /protectlock.cmd?password=X&sessionKey=Y.

The information I need is at /Security_MacAddressFilter_Add.html.

Click here: /index_lock.html (essential for logout)

Every 60 seconds I do this. I made an effort to only log in once, stay logged in, and periodically access the third page.

Additionally, there is a 2 second gap between each request.

The router quits functioning after around 12 hours (it varies). It displays a pink 404 page from the tiny, rudimentary web server micro_httpd. It can be fixed for another 12 hours+- by rebooting the router.

Four requests per minute are perhaps too much for the micro_httpd webserver. Actually, though, it ought to be able to manage it.

Zyxel Router Technology is found inside the "o2 HomeBox 6641" router.

Things I've Already Done: - I've tried to log in and only access the data I need; this didn't work; - I've included a 2-second wait between each request in the sequence.

So I'm hoping someone can assist me.

Anyone have a official site for this.

I appreciate it, Amelia

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    Hello Amelia @Ameliasingh

    Welcome to the forum.

    Are you able to say what version of firmware in running in your O2 Homebox 6641 please?

    Kind regards,


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