WX3100-T0 Maximum amount of wireless clients

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hello evryone,

since a week of two i've been using four WX3100-T0 AP's (wired) in my network.

On these i have 2 ssids setup: one for my home network and one for my smart home devices.

The normal home network is working just fine. Only the one for my smart home prodcucts is not, Its often not posible for devices to conect to it .

After a long search i discovered this probles is likely being caused by the setting for the maximum amount of clients (under network>wireless) wich by default is set to 32. And, as i just found out, cant be set to a higher number.

Is there any way around this? I have more than 32 smart home devices that need to connect to this network.

Also: why is 32 the maximum? In the specifications or productinformation i cant find anything that tells that 32 is the maximum number of connected clients.

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    hi there

    Normally, it depends on the device's capability and limits the wifi clients as 32 to ensure the stability.

    On the other hand, as I know the device support 32 clients for each 2.4G and 5G wifi, which means 32 + 32 clients.

    Maybe you can try to set some of your devices to 2.4G SSID.

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