Can I transfer the add-on license from broken device that has been removed?

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Some users might remove their devices from the organization since the device is malfunctioning. But after removing the device, the license will follow the device and disappears from the organization.

This topic is going to guide Nebula users on how to transfer the add-on license from the broken device that has been removed.


  1. Go to License & Inventory > History tab. Copy the MAC address and serial number of the removed device.
  2. Then go to the Device page to add this device to your organization.
  3. Transfer the license to the new device. You can also reference this FAQ How to Perform Nebula License Transfer? — Zyxel Community
  4. Remove the broken device from your organization.


Mouse hovers to license info of the device and you will find the license has been transferred to the new device.

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