VMG8924-B10D, scp/sftp failure: corrupted IPv4 header if any ethernet device plugged

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Here is a problem I described in Ubuntu forum ( https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2489877 ), and also reported by another OVH ISP customer (https://community.ovh.com/t/transfert-ssh-reseau-local-zyxel-vmg8924-b10d/38845/4):

When I try to transfer non-tiny files between two machines on my LAN, using scp or sftp, using IPv4, then if there is any machine plugged on an ethernet port of the router, then the transfer hangs at the very beginning. It works if the two machines are on wi-fi and if there is no ethernet machine plugged (involved or not in the transfer); I checked several times as it seems really weird. It also works if I use IPv6. I tried with multiple RJ45 cables and on all the Ethernet ports.

I looked with Wireshark and I could see that the client machine receives corrupted IP headers (and also packets which starts having a target IP `` in the middle of the TCP communication). I can see that the other machine try to do some retries on the packets (without success).

I also used my phone as a local router instead of the Zyxel, and I got no problem.

I have a work-around (forcing IPv6 for ssh/scp/sftp between my local machines), but that's not satisfying: there could be other problems at any moment. I don't know when this problem started (I did not transfer large files from quite some time).

Firmware version: V5.13(ABGQ.6)C0

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    please check with your ISP or the Zyxel local support .

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    Hello @Albernard

    Welcome to the forum.

    The VMG8924-B10D is end of life by Zyxel, so I don't think that there will be any updated firmware from Zyxel.

    There is an unofficial thread about modifying the firmware for the VMG8924-B10D at https://www.hwupgrade.it/forum/showthread.php?t=2891309

    Kind regards,


  • Thank you a lot @tonygibbs16 . I think I won't spend time on either contacting the support of my ISP (I already wrote in their forum) or updating the firmware (the router is owned by my ISP, not by me, and it can automatically push some configuration which I don't want to break).

    As it is, my work-around is for me the most convenient move (even if it's a bit sad).

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