I want to use cloud monitoring mode, but what should I do?

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Nebula cloud monitoring mode is a new solution for users who require a centralized platform to manage their firewall and have complex configuration which is supported on on-premise mode.

The FAQ will guide you to set up cloud monitoring mode.


  1. Create an organization and a site on Nebula. Then visit Organization-wide > Organization-wide manage > Organization-wide Settings > Organization Information to copy the Cloud Monitoring Mode ID.
  2. Access web GUI of your firewall and visit Configuration > Mgmt. & Analytics > Nebula page. Select Could Monitoring Mode in Nebula Mode Setting and enable general settings. And paste the Cloud Monitoring Mode ID and click apply.
  3. After the status of Cloud Monitoring Mode shows connecting, you can go to Organization-wide > License & Inventory > device tab to assign the firewall to a site.


Visit Site-wide > Device > Firewall, you may find your firewall is online with Cloud Monitoring Mode.

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