Armor G5 VPN Client - no kill switch feature ?

Dear all,

I'm new to zyxel and armor g5.

This device allows to define VPN client connections.
Beside some minor bugs (sometime the data is not saved) it works.
But I'm missing a kill switch. Is there any? How to configure?

What I mean is, that NO connection to the internet should be possible w/o an established vpn connection. I'm using vpn apps that have this feature all.

Any help appreciated :)

THX a lot in advance!

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  • mMontana
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    Would you please explain what should be a "killswitch" into a router … what should do… And why you're expecting it?

  • it schould ensure, that all traffic to the internet is tunneled through vpn and though hiding the dsl assigned ip.

  • suisei
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    I believe the kill switch function could function with NORDVPN, although not necessarily with all VPNs. It's possible that it might be compatible with certain software applications.

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