How to Specify the Log Category of AP Syslog on Standalone Mode?

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Users operating access points in standalone mode may wish to specify the log category to gain better control over the log entries. Without specification, they may find themselves overwhelmed by the number of log entries, as all events are logged by default.


To specify the log category of AP Syslog on standalone mode, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Access Point's Local Web GUI,
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Log & Report > Log Setting > Active Log Summary.
  3. Select the Desired Type of Logs: Within the Active Log Summary section, you can choose the specific type of logs you want to be recorded.

By following these steps, users can specify the log category of AP Syslog when operating in standalone mode, allowing for better control and management of log entries.

( Note: Currently, if your device is operating in Nebula cloud mode, all the events will be logged, and you will not have the option to specify the log category. )