Nebula Mobile 2.0 is on App Store/Google Play now!

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Dear Nebula fellows,

We’re excited to let you know the new Nebula Mobile App is now available on App Store and Google Play (maybe you’ve noticed that already =)  We’ve changed the new UI design completely to give you a clear, fresher look!

With the new Nebula Mobile 2.0, you’re able to start from the very beginning- sign up a new account, create Organization and Site, add your devices- and even complete your wireless settings, monitor real-time network information and manage your networks in your hands while you are on the move. Here're update highlights:

•      Setup wizard: create org/site and add device (QR code or manually)
•      Setup and change WiFi settings
•      View dashboard with traffic summary & AP dashboard
•      Monitor No. of connected clients per device type
•      Configure clients policies
•      Live tools: reboot, locator LED
•      Upload and check photo of device location
•      Receive push notifications
•      Scan license QR code to add license

Sounds cool? Go download/update your Nebula Mobile app now!

        •  Search from your mobile devices
        •  Or scan the QR code


  • Hunk
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    Im getting a “Your Device isn't Compatible with this Version” on my Huawei P10 Plus

  • RUnglaube
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    From the play store it says the minimum android version supported is 5, but I guess a Huawei P10 should come with a newer Android, right?
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  • Hunk
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    8.0.0 :)
    Should be fine version wise :)
    P10 plus is not that old
    Is it possible for you to get an official answer from Google other than "reset cache", "restore phone to factory settings"?
    I'm not sure, but maybe Huawei pissed them off in general
  • Zyxel_Jason
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for @Hunk's feedback.
    We have this problem reported by other Huawei user.
    We are trying to consult with Google about the reason.
    If you are also a Huawei user and encounter the same symptom, you may PM me(include your Huawei model name) for the APK file to install Nebula APP in your phone directly.

    I have already PM you the APK file.
    Please help to check your Inbox.

    Hope it helps.
  • Alfonso
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    I just installed the app on a Huawei P8 Lite. (Android 6)
    No issues, no problems.