Name of connected SSID in client list ?

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It seems no longer possible to see SSID that a client is connected to in the client list overview (site wide → Clients) Is that correct and if yes how can the information be found ?

Side question: Is it possible to disable the navigation sidebar and instead have the old menu ?

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    Hello @hfr_dk

    To view the SSID name to which a client is connected, you can navigate to the Clients > Client List tab. Once there, select Access Point Clients and click on the icon located on the right side, as shown in the screenshots below.

    As for your query about the navigation sidebar, Nebula underwent a UI enhancement in the 17.00 release back in April. Unfortunately, the old menu can't be reverted. May I ask why you'd prefer to disable the sidebar and use the old menu?

    Click this link to start:


  • hfr_dk
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    Thanks @Zyxel_Nami very helpful, much appreciated.

    In regards to the UI sidebar. I prefer the old one since the graphic icons alone without additional text are not self explanatory, this means that I have to click on several icons before I find what I am looking for. Adding a short text next to the icon would improve the experience significantly or having the possibility to keep the sub menu permanently expanded would also help.

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