[ATP/FLEX] How to add the last Optional port to LAN1 in port group?

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Once you have successfully executed ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning), if you wish to exclusively use the LAN1 subnet while facing difficulty in saving the last optional port to LAN1 port group, refer to the illustration below:

Why cannot save it?

This issue arises due to the firewall's default configuration, which comprises two LAN Groups and LAN subnets, with the last optional port residing in LAN Group2. To address this, users are required to eliminate the LAN2 subnet and remove LAN2 port group, followed by configuring the last optional port within LAN1 port group.

How to resolve it?

Follow these steps:

STEP1. Navigate to Site-wide > Configure > Firewall > Interface and remove the lan2 subnet.

STEP2. Proceed to Site-wide > Configure > Firewall > Port, and remove LAN Group 2.

STEP3. Configure the last optional port to belong to LAN Group 1, and ensure to save the changes.

Done. By following these steps, the problem should be resolved.