Why my Firewall still offline after setting up cloud monitoring mode?

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Please check the below table to verify:

Status Display



Default status. You’ve not yet entered a Monitor Mode ID on the Zyxel Device.


The Zyxel Device is connected to Nebula.


The Zyxel Device is connecting to Nebula.

Disconnected –
Server is not reachable

The Zyxel Device cannot connect to Nebula.
•Check Internet and DNS connection
•Check if uplink or ISP firewall is blocking IP or TCP ports used for cloud management

Disconnected –
Connection failure

The Zyxel Device failed to connect to Nebula.
•Check if Monitor Mode ID is correct and up to date

Disconnected –
Registration failure

The account owner of the device in myZyxel and the account owner of Monitor Mode ID’s organization do not match.

Disconnected –
modes mismatch

The device is currently in a Nebula organization’s inventory.
•Remove the device from the inventory and try again

If the Firewall is in checking status for more than 10 minutes, please collect the diagnostic info and contact Zyxel support.

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