How to configure mail server by Web-GUI and CLIs ?

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Question :

How to configure mail server by Web-GUI and CLIs ?

Answer :

Please navigate to Configuration > Notification > Mail Server to configure mail server by local Web-GUI.

Additionally, you can configure the relevant parameters by CLIs as well.

Router# configure terminal

Router(config)# mail-server

Router(config-mail-server)# smtp-address [Enter e-mail server address]

Router(config-mail-server)# mail-subject append system-name

Router(config-mail-server)# no mail-subject append date-time

Router(config-mail-server)# smtp-port 25

Router(config-mail-server)# no smtp-tls activate

Router(config-mail-server)# no smtp-tls authenticate-server

Router(config-mail-server)# mail-from [Enter your e-mail address]

Router(config-mail-server)# smtp-auth activate

Router(config-mail-server)# smtp-auth username [Enter your e-mail address] password [Enter your password]

Router(config-mail-server)# schedule hour 0 minutes 0