[ATP/FLEX]How to configure a NAT rule for remote SSH access?

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The user may wish to remotely access the internal device from the internet, as it is a convenient and secure way to manage the internal device. This article will guide you on how to deploy it.


Please refer to the below topology and its settings.

Topology :

The internet IP( ⇒ internet ⇒ Nebula firewall( ⇒ The internal device(

Solution :

Please add a NAT rule to the Nebula firewall that allows internet access to the internal IP from public port 8888 to internal port 22. The specific details are as follows:

Try to remotely SSH into the Nebula firewall using public port 8888 from the internet IP (, and then successfully access the internal device.

Enter the appropriate username and password.

Successfully log in to the internal device with the IP address from the internet IP