GS1915/1930 - Web management missing some options?

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When accesing our GS1915/1930 switcheson the network, the web management interface looks extremely simplistic - very different from how the manual shows it with screenshots. Eg. this is what GS1900 series manual shows..

But on my end, going to Advanced application I can only see one menu option - VLAN...

need to manage STP and IGMP snooping which should be under Advanced application... but nothing shows up?? This is what I get on 6 different switches from GS19xx series. Tried various browsers Chrome, Edge, Mozilla… no difference.

I must be missing something very basic, but can't see what 😣

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    Hi @Pinky,

    From the screenshot you provided, it seems like your XGS1930 is managed by Nebula CC. I assume the other switches are the same. When the switch is managed by Nebula CC, many configurations in the switch's local web GUI are locked. Please configure your switch on Nebula.

    For STP, please configure STP on the switch ports (Path: Site-wide > Configure > Switches > Switch ports) and switch settings page. (Path: Site-wide > Configure > Switches > Switch settings > STP configuration)

    For IGMP snooping, please configure it on the Advanced IGMP page. (Path: Site-wide > Configure > Switches > Advanced IGMP)


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  • Pinky
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    Thanks Melen!
    Indeed they're all connected to Nebula and I di not notice these settings be site-wide there, was looking for them within each switch configuration.

    Cheers, Jan