Guest WiFi not working on one AP but on a different one it is?


Anyone have any idea why this is?

The Zyxel AP connected to 'Con PoE 02' via Port 11 is failing to provide guest wifi on VLAN 20.

The zyxel AP connected to 'Radio PoE 01' on the left via Port 13 is successfully giving IPs on VLAN 20 via the same SSID.

The SSID is the same for both APs configured via NCC. If I walk from the side of the building with the troublesome AP, my phone fails to connect to the guest wifi (it still connects to our main network on VLAN 1)

If I then walk to the other side with the good AP, I can successfully connect, get an IP address on the VLAN 20, and use the internet..

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    Hi @Lorcan ,

    From your description and the network diagram provided, we assume that the DHCP server is at the Mikrotik Router for all clients in your network. In this scenario, please ensure that the switch port to which the 'problematic” AP is connected has the appropriate VLAN settings configured. This includes the GS1920 ‘Radio PoE 01’ port 27, GS1920 ‘Con Data 04’ port 28 & 18, and SG1920 ‘Con PoE 02’ port 15.

    To further isolate the issue, you might consider swapping the physical positions of the two NWA1123v2 APs. This will help determine if there's a misconfiguration at the switch where the problematic AP is currently connected.

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