EMG3525-T50B block access to other LAN addresses ?

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Hi. Home network user.

I have a Zyxel EMG3525-T50B router connected to our fiber line.

All of my fixed PCs at home have static IP addresses allocated by the router, based on their MAC addresses.

One of the LAN ports connects to a Tenda router ( with cat5 cable ), which is used as an wifi access point for mobile phones in the house.

The DHCP on the Tenda is disabled, so the IP addresses are assigned by the DHCP on the Zyxel router.

All PCs and wifi connected phones have internet access.

How can I prevent / block the phones ( the devices that are all assigned IPs by DHCP from .1.10 to .1.40 ) from having access to the PCs on the LAN ?

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    Hello @DaveOB

    Welcome to the forum.

    Using a different VLAN Group as described in section 14 of the user guide at https://spdl.zyxel.com/VMG8623-T50B/user_guide/VMG8623-T50B_1.pdf might help you, such that the LAN port connected to the Tenda router being in a different VLAN group to the PCs.

    Alternatively, the Tenda router might have access control list capabilities in it that could be set to not let IP traffic destined for the PCs to pass through it.

    I hope that this is helpful.

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