How to Resolve Intermittent Network Connectivity Issues in Devices?

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In places with diverse IoT devices, intermittent network connectivity can pose significant challenges. Resolving such disruptions is vital to maintain seamless communication and operation of the devices, ensuring the reliability and stability of the network.

Topology and Scenario

Gateway --- Switch --- AP VLAN: Untagged, Radio: 2.4GHz b/g/n ))) Clients


Adjust Radio Settings:

Go to Configure > Radio settings.

Set the radio mode of 2.4GHz to b/g/n to enhance compatibility with IoT devices and click Save.

Check event logs

If the logs detect device IP conflicted with another MAC, identify the device with MAC address A0:A0:A0:A0:A0:A0 and change its IP address to avoid conflict.


Connection Stability: Observe the connectivity of the devices over time to confirm network stability.