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If you make a NAT-rule today, Nabula automatically makes a security policy-rule to accept the NAT-rule. But it is not possible to see it in the "Security policy"-view. There should be a way to make these rules visible. It might not need to be visible all the time, but at least a button to make them visible would be nice, like "Show all security rules" or something like that.
It's sometimes hard to mentally visualize the traffic and where things might stop when the rule is not visually there.

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  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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    Hi @ZyXTechOslo ,

    For usability purposes, the security policy page might display excessive information if we show all the implicit rules in Security policy.
    However, this information can be viewed using the CLI command: Router> debug sdwan show firewall running-config.

  • ZyXTechOslo

    To me, the "usability purpose" is EXACTELY why I would like to see the rules. And CLI is (for me) usually not an option. Besides - we can see the rules in the standalone mode, can't we? So why not in Nebula?

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