Lost access to my EMG2926 router dashboard during port forwarding

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Good day all,

Hoping some one can help. Recently I was trying to port forward so that my kid could host a personal blog / website on our Synology DS220+ NAS, located on our zyxel EMG2926 router at home. During the process, I accidentally rerouted access to the router dashboard ( to the NAS (, and can’t figure out how to get back to the router dashboard. 😞

Now when I try to access my dashboard, I get this:

and when i try to access my NAS from home, I get this (while the NAS is powered on):

and this when is disconnected:

I am, however, able to access the NAS from outside my network:

I tried all the troubleshooting recommendations in the router manual, including a master reset of the router, but I’m still getting all the messages above.

Any advice on how to regain access to the router dashboard would be greatly appreciated! Thx 😉

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