[Nebula] What should I do if “Device is already registered by another user”? (Firewall version)

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Suppose you've purchased a used firewall and wish to add it to your Nebula site, or you've unregistered your firewall from Nebula cloud mode and want to transfer it between organizations (where each organization belongs to a different account). You encounter the message: "Device is already registered by another user. Add the device by scanning its QR code using the Nebula Mobile APP." However, the Nebula QR code is missing from the firewall or its box.


1/ Power up the firewall using an adapter only to isolate it from the network.

2/ Press the reset button on the firewall for approximately 10 seconds until the LED indicator starts to blink rapidly in green and amber. This action will reset the firewall.

3/ Connect your PC to the firewall's port4 and access the firewall's local web GUI by entering its default IP address:

4/ Log in using the default credentials: username - "admin" and password - "1234".

5/ Type in your new administrator password and apply.

6/ Log in with the new credentials.

7/ Select Nebula Mode and click next.

8/ Follow the "Initial Setup Wizard" to configure your WAN interface.

9/ In the "Add Device" step, you will find the device's QR code.

If you wish to add this AP to your organization or a different organization, use the Nebula Mobile APP [Android] / [iOS] to scan the QR code.

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