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It would be great if you implemented the possibility to edit directly the policy number to change his order in the list.

Thank you

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  • Zyxel_James
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    Hello @mARsIM
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Yes, with Nebula mode, we adjust the security policy order by dragging the rule up or down, we have this new GUI design to make configuring more convenient for the users. In conclusion, We will keep this design.

  • mARsIM
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    Hi James, In the case we have a lot of rules (more than 30 for example) and we would create a new one, nebula put it at the end of the list. If we want give this rule more priority, we must drag it one time, than scroll the page, drag it another time, than scroll the page…and so on until we reach the right position... In conclusion, dragging the rules is ok,  but we think that the possibility to change the rule number directly would be better.

    Thank you

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