NR5103E PS5 No connection ?????


Setedup my Router recently, and after all the work i pluged in my PS5 via an LAN-Splitter from TP-Link which functions really good in my other flat, but as i plugged in my PS5 and started it, it wont connect… The PC that ist also connected work fine… I lokked up in the internet where problem can get solved but there wasnt one. WIFI connection isnt working as well.. sadly

Any ideas how i Can get this work Thanks <3

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  • Mpceri
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    I changed the DNS as well.. Not getting Solved…

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    Hello @Mpceri

    Welcome to the forum.

    If a PC connected to your TP-Link and NR5103E got to the Internet, then I don't think that changing the DNS will have made any difference to your PS5 connection.

    Could you try the Test Internet Connection as shown in this YouTube video about PS5 networking, and post the results of the test here?

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