How to re-register my device through Web GUI

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Since the device is in your hand, you can follow the instructions below to complete the registration,

Step 1: Accessing the Web GUI

  1. Log in to the device's Web GUI using your credentials(default password is 1234).
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the "Configuration" section.

Step 2: Licensing and Registration

  1. Within the "Configuration" section, locate and select the "Licensing" option.
  2. In the "Licensing" menu, choose "Registration" to proceed.

Step 3: Service Page and Registration URL

  1. On the "Registration" page, you will find a URL provided.
  2. Click the URL and log in to with your account

Step 4: Complete the registration

  1. After login, you'll see the page "Device Registration" with the filled MAC and serial number of the device, then click "Submit". If you're not in the "Device Registration" directly, the registration could go wrong
  2. Here's a pop-up window. Please click "Next."
  3. And you'll see the "Registered Successfully" notice, you're the device owner now!

Sometimes, you'll receive the error message "Device has already been registered."

This could be the window using the cookies you've logged in before.

I suggest you clean the cache and then close the window. Use a new incognito window to log in to the Web GUI and follow the instructions.

Also, the link is unused when you post it to the new page directly.