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I have a problem with three multicasting devices not able to communicate via multicast when connected to Wifi on VMG3925-B10B. The devices are two Defa Power EV-charging stations and Defa Balancer -load balancing device. All the devices are connected to the router, they can be seen in the GUI. On router settings, LAN-LAN multicast is enabled, IMGP snooping is turned on. Multicast is set to normal mode, not blocking. When trying to pair the devices (make a multicast group with their own configuration app), in IMGP status screen on the router, those devices show up with their Filter mode as ”EXCLUDE”. I cannot find any setting to include these devices in a multicast group. Is there any more detailed settings for multicast? Or isn’t the router supporting multicast via Wifi? Can anyone help me with the problem? Thanks.

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    Hello @fimiikar

    Welcome to the forum.

    Are you able to say what firmware version you are running please?

    There is a user guide at https://prodotti.zyxel.it/USERSGUIDE/VMG3925-B10B-EU01V1F.pdf

    It says the following:

    I don't see a way to set-up a Multicast group in the VMG3925-B10B…at least not in 2015 user guide.

    Are your devices joining the group to hear the query messages?

    You might want to enable the Enhanced Multicast Forwarding (see below)…

    I hope that this is helpful. Please let us know what you think.

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