VLAN issue with NWA50AX PRO

I'm at my wit's end on this one. I have 3 VLANs (10, 20, 30) set up on my OPNsense box. I have those same 3 VLANs configured on my managed switch (tp-link TL-SG1024DE).

All wired connections work as expected - I am connected to the appropriate VLAN, receive the correct IP address, and can access the internet.

If I connect wirelessly to my Zyxel AP, the only way I can get internet access is if I leave all of the default VLAN settings (VLAN at 1). If I do that, it drops me onto the incorrect IP range (the default LAN - 1 - 192.168.1.x instead of VLAN 10 - 192.168.10.x), though I do have internet access. If I change the VLAN tag on the AP to match (e.g. 10), it all breaks. I can see a correct IP address being assigned by the router (192.168.10.x), but there is no internet access by any device connected wirelessly when I change the VLAN away from the default of 1.

What am I missing? Why will all of my VLANs work properly with wired connections, but not work (no internet) if I try to configure the VLANs on my Zyxel AP?

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