Understanding VLAN Settings on Zyxel AP

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You may want to configure a specific VLAN for the SSID so that the wireless clients can be assigned IP addresses belonging to this VLAN subnet. Let's delve into the VLAN settings on the AP.

Management VLAN:

First up is the Management VLAN. This is the VLAN ID designated for the AP itself. Through this VLAN interface, your PC can access the device's web GUI.

Direction: Monitor > Network > VLAN

As Native VLAN:

  • When the "As Native VLAN" option is checked, the outbound traffic transmitted through the AP's Ethernet port will not be tagged with the Management VLAN ID.
  • Unchecking the "As Native VLAN" option will result in the AP adding the Management VLAN ID tag to outbound traffic transmitted through the AP Ethernet port.

Configuring a different VLAN for SSID (e.g., VLAN 10):

If your setup requires a different VLAN, for example, VLAN 10, and you want the wireless end devices to be assigned IP addresses within VLAN 10's subnet.

Direction: Configuration > Object > AP Profile > SSID > SSID List > Edit SSID Profile > VLAN ID

  • Enter a VLAN 10 for the AP to use to tag traffic originating from this SSID.
  • Ensure that VLAN 10 is also configured on the uplink device, such as a Switch or Firewall.
  • Ensure that a DHCP Server for this VLAN interface is configured on the uplink device.

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