The reason why you can’t checkout

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If you can’t checkout, you can review the items below before reaching us:

District restriction:

Since tax policies can vary depending on the location, to ensure your order can fulfill local tax policy, the behavior below has risks:

  1. Using a VPN connection
  2. The registration district of the VAT number is different from the current location
  3. Did not check out in the PayPal account registered country (or district)

Financial restriction:

To protect your safety, we have some verification processes before you complete the checkout, and the below behaviors could trigger the risk analysis and cause the checkout to fail:

  1. Insufficient funds in the account (or credit card)
  2. Enter the wrong safety code or credit card number
  3. Multiple orders completed in short periods

The above reason could cause you to fail to check out, it’s always welcome to reach us if you need help when you check out.